Friday, 16 May 2014

There's magic in the air!

There's a lot of magic around at the moment, especially with the sun shining. Cornwall is transformed from a granite cage into a paradise with a stunning blue ocean that once again seems inviting. The air feels fresh and hopeful and the hedgerows are blossoming with whites and pinks. 

All in all it's very pretty!

I was inspired by Massofhair's suggestion to enter the pan pastel palette challenge and it's been on my mind all week.

I decided to do an entry in Tabitha's journal that included elements  of our days out together.

I'm quite new to journaling, but it's nice to have some freedom to explore shapes and patterns without getting too hung up on results.
I picked a flower so that I could do a close up study of it. 

Driving to the top of Sennen has been lovely this week. Tabitha has slept for a couple of hours each time, while I have been able to let my mind wander whilst doodling away.

I used the cd case to squirt my acrylics onto and baby wipes to clean my brush with. I used one of my stamps for the leaf pattern at the bottom, but was happy just using a brush to fill in the colours with.


  1. I hope you followed the instructions for entry on the Pan Pastel blog! So glad you entered.

    Your project is lovely, good to see you relaxing and journalling. Fantastic flower and great doodling :-) xxx

  2. Cheers Mass. Not sure about correct entry procedure! I clicked on the widget thingy and uploaded a picture! Hmmm.... Not too worried though, just good to think about something different for a change. I wish I had more time for my cards though, it would be a bit tricky working on them in the car!