Monday, 5 May 2014

I think I might have a glitter habit

I just love glitter and sequins. Not so much when the cat swipes an open jar onto the floor, but even then it's kind of pretty!

I went shopping for some new pots the other day only to get them home and find I had duplicated the same colours. Note to self: check stash before buying more!

It won't go to waste though, I've got plenty of cards to make.


  1. Have taken to photographing my stash when need to replenish or replace, have to take something with me or i would do the same as you lol.

    Some good colours there Jac:-) x

  2. Hi Jac, don't mind you asking at all!

    A Gelli print is taken from a Gelli plate. A Gelli plate is made from gelatin and can be purchased from a lot of craft shops. The plate helps you to mono print, there are lots of ways to play.

    You can see lots of demonstrations on You Tube via this site

    I own a 8 x 10 plate, there are 4 diffetent sizes you can get.

    You can also find information on how to make your own and there are other ways crafters have come up with to achieve the same effect without using a Gelli plate.

    Exciting times out there, hope this has helped:-) x

  3. Hi Jac! Thank you for your comment and question on my blog (Layers of ink) regarding watercolours. The background could be just as well be made with watercolours. I love watercolours and use them a lot. This time, I reached for the inks for two reasons: I was in a hurry and they were right next to me, and I was planning to stamp and it is easier to stamp with inks and markers than with watercolours. The Distress Ink colours all work great together so I used the same inks on the background as for the flowers - although partly different colours. I hope that helped! Happy stamping!

  4. Hi Mass and Anna, thanks for your responses, that's really helpful. Glad to know I'm not the only one that keeps buying the same colours! I'm going to have to research the gelli plate thing, it sounds exciting! I love learning new techniques. Anna it's good to know that it was simply a case of what's to hand! I keep getting tempted to buy new stuff in the belief that I will be able to do all this new cool stuff, but actually I can do a lot of it with what I have. I just love the distress look. Tim Holtz has a lot to answer for!

  5. Hi Jac

    One thing about crafting you should do is research. I was told be a very helpful craft shop owner that instead of buying lots of ink pads look carefully at what you can do with just one.

    The ink she advised me to get is now called Versacraft. It works on so many surfaces, fabric, card, glass just a few examples. It needs heat setting on fabric and will not wash out.

    Archival ink is amazing and it is the same ink as Distress but with glycerine added. You don't need to buy Distress inks when u can use Archival for more techniques.

    If you research your ink pads you can definitely cut costs and still do the range of techniques.

    If you want to use Alcohol markers then you definitely need Memento inks as these are dye based and will not interact with alcohol markers.

    If i was investing in ink pads as a beginner i would research before i bought. Asking other crafters is a tad confusing as everyone has their favourites but researching yourself can have an upside. Know it is time consuming but it's like spending money on a huge purchase without checking the company and guarantees.

    Sorry if my reply is a tad long winded. Please do the same with all your supplies, a little bit of research will save you tons of money in the long run.

    Ranger are good at getting you to spend your pennies on their products but they repeat a lot of lines under new names & marketing. A lot of people feel they wish to join the TH way of crafting, just be careful not to be too drawn in.

    I do have a fair few Dis Ink Pads, 5 Archival Inks & a set of 12 Memento dew drop small sized ink pads, also use Versamark, Brilliance and Stazon. If you do want to buy Distress get the minis, better value for money & storage. I do wish i was better informed about all craft supplies at the beginning.

    Anything i can help with please just ask :-) xxx

  6. Ah thanks again Mass! You are amazing! I know what you mean about the ranger stuff! I got a bit excited as that was all new to me and I loved the style, but I haven't been over impressed with results. My memento ink pad however gives great results.

    I have actually just ordered some new inks online. Can't remember the brand, just went on the colours I needed. Fingers crossed they do the job!