Friday, 23 May 2014

Spring in Cornwall

It's happening slowly. Just wanted to share some recent photos I have taken.

This is my front garden.

Sea thrift



  1. Beautiful garden images, love Buddha and the gorse is lovely.

    Enjoy the BH weekend:-) xxx

  2. Thanks Mass! My husband has the week off, so I'm looking forward to having him around and an extra pair of hands! You got anything nice planned? X

  3. Not really, keep away from everywhere on BH weekends, too much traffic. Probably enjoy the Formula 1 from Monaco and spend some quality time with my OH.

    Enjoy being with your Husband and little one...

    I like being called mass thank you, have also been called moh and just plain m... I might adopt a social name seeing as i don't want to use my real one lol. :-) xxx