Friday, 2 May 2014

New cards

Well I have slowly got there! Early mornings have been the only chance I've had to play with glitter, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

 My biggest problem at the moment is taking decent photos. It's been pretty dark over the last week and my tiny miners cottage doesn't get a great deal of light.

I get a tiny corner of sunshine in the late afternoon and then I am frantically trying to clear room!

However. I have ordered a Lightbox that I am hoping will solve my problems. It looks awesome! Really small and so it will fit into my home and you use it with a smart phone. It won't arrive until June though and so I will just have to hang on until then.

Anyway, this is a sneak peak of my work. My baby has had no naps today so I haven't had a chance to list them on Etsy yet.

Now it's time for a couple of chunks of chocolate and yesterday's episode of Nashville. 
Oh yes.
(Tabitha did however manage to stand up without holding onto anything for a couple of seconds. I am a very proud momma!)


  1. WOW, Tabitha's first stand up you must have a huge smile...

    I watch Nashville too, good episode this week!

    Beautiful cards, love the shapes you create and how they flow so well. Glitter looks perfect, you are definitely getting there :-).

    Thanks for the blog and follow, much appreciated :-) xxx

  2. Hi, thanks Mass. It's lovely to have a friend on here and it's great to get some feedback. Do you use glimmer pearls at all? I got some the other day but not sure of the best way to work with it... I've been putting it on a brush and tapping it a bit like glitter...

    I enjoyed Nashville last night. I used to be a big Heroes fan and I started watching Nashville because the same actress is in them both.

  3. Yes Hayden Pannitiere, loved Heroes also.

    Not got glimmer pearls, not sure if they are powders? I use Perfect Pearls a few ways. Stamp with Versarmark ink pad then dab PP onto image, when all covered then you can blend. If you use 1 colour you can return to same pot. If you use more than one colour have a seperate pot to put back into, by doing this you will get unique colours of PP.

    You can add a couple of tiny scoops of PP to a mini mister, add a drop of reinker and then top up with water, shake together then you get coloured PP misters, again colour combinations are extensive.

    You can add the PP to acrylic paint, stir thoroughly and you can get a pearl paint. Remember to use the PP sparingly and to clean up using water if paint is water based or follow instruction on manufacturers site.

    I do love Perfect Pearls. Another type are called Pearlex but not widely available in UK as far as i can find.

    Let me know if you need any more info:-) xxx

  4. That's great advice, thank you! I have found just mixing a bit with water does a good job! I really like them too. It could become my next habit!

    Can't wait for the next season of heroes to start! Woo hoo!