Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Self publishing

Self publishing!

So, this is what I am embarking on at the moment! My fairies want to fly and spread their magic and so I have popped them in a book with some short stories (and I mean really short!)

I'm excited and nervous at the same time. You know what it's like when you get that voice that says "who are you, to think you are good enough?" To which I kind of say "oh be quiet!" Because, sometimes you have to be brave and just do it!

I feel as though there is a force outside of me that is pushing me forwards and so I am just going with the flow.

Who knows what will happen? At the very least my work will reach more people and that can only be a good thing, right?

I've done a lot of research, watched YouTube videos and subscribed to every self publishing platform out there in order to work out costs and ease of creating a book.

It came down to a battle between CreateSpace and IngramSpark and CreateSpace won! I really nearly went with IngramSpark because they are European which means lower shipping and they also offered a lower price per book. 

CreateSpace are based in the U.S. and annoyingly this means that I will get charged 30% of any sales in tax by the IRS!  However, IngramSpark had all these scary set up fees and charges for any revisions to the book and so that made me really nervous!

CreateSpace has a really easy set up system and you get to flip through your book on screen before committing to it!

It's been great as I have been able to play around with it, tweak it and get it just how I want it.

You wouldn't believe the amount of decisions you have to make! But I am pretty happy with it now and I just have to get the front and back cover sorted now before clicking the PRINT button!

I keep thinking that completing the book, completes the project, but, oh my, there's a whole lot of marketing to do! 

Thankfully I quite enjoy this side of things too!  So now it's time to crack on with press releases, contact booksellers, blogs and book reviewers. And work out how many books to order! 

Wish me luck!

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