Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Loving goblins and living magically

Life is a constant challenge and when things start getting tough it's good to have a reminder that you are a magical being and that you are making progress!

 I had started getting some negative thoughts and instead of working through them, they were starting to gain momentum. I was feeling overwhelmed.

It's weird how you can feel like you are on top of things in terms of positivity and then you get a couple of days and your head starts bringing up old 'stuff.'

And then a Quartz cluster that I had recently moved to another position, started reaching out to me and so I cleansed it and started to feel better. Then I lit some Palo Santo and watched the smoke twirling upwards. 

In those simple acts I reconnected with a deeper part of myself that felt strong, powerful and ancient. And it felt good!

My negative thoughts simply weren't there anymore and they had been replaced by a sense of deep peace.

It reminded me a bit of a scene in Labyrinth, where the heroine, Sarah, was really close to the castle, but she was told to 'go back' and 'you are going the wrong way' by the goblins.

She didn't give up though. Her passion to save her brother overcame any fears or doubt.

Sometimes you forget the progress you have made and how close you are to really making a breakthrough! If you start paying too much attention to your goblins, then you will never reach your goal.

We are continually evolving and feeling challenged is such an important part of our growth. It might not feel comfortable or easy, but this is a great motivator for pushing forwards and finding ways to navigate the difficulty.

So, my grey thoughts had been bubbling up because I felt like I was getting closer to my goals and this brings up all sorts of emotions that need sorting and sifting through. 
And a lot of it has to do with the notion of 'success'. 

I remember thinking earlier in the year that I defined an artist with a book as successful! 

Here I am, about to publish my own book and so of course the goblins have been chattering away! 

I am realising that the closer you get to one goal, the more you can see past it. It's like reaching the top of a mountain after a long climb and you get to breathe and take in the view. And you can see clearly for miles ahead.

The new improved perspective can be a bit dizzying! It can be a bit overwhelming to see all the potential paths ahead.

But hey! We are magical beings! We can power up! 

I'm recognising more and more the importance of preparing my vibration first and this does mean a fair bit of self work. Going over old thought patterns and introducing new ones. 

I think all of this is a matter of practice too! We live in a very physical, sight orientated world and that we pay a lot of attention to our bodies and physical health. 

Being able to control our energy and emotions is not something that gets talked about very much!

I think that this is why some people suffer with anxiety and depression, they haven't been given any tools to recognise what's going on, or how to deal with it. This is especially true if you are sensitive or empathic (or artistic)!

My crystal reminded me that I have the power to set my intentions. That I have the power, just like any heroine in a book, to keep on believing and trusting. And when I do that, my life is richer. Full of wonder and potential.

I love the opportunities that are coming to me and I'm so excited to be part of this magical world!  If I hear any more goblins I will remember that it's because I must be making progress and I will try to remember to tell them, "you have no power over me"!

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