Saturday, 21 June 2014

Things worth keeping

So, it was my beautiful baby girl's first birthday on Wednesday and I can't help but think back to when I saw her for the first time: the midwife asked me what sex it was and me, delirious and bewildered, looked at my baby and saw it was a girl. A beautiful, raw, bonny girl! 

A year has passed in a dreamy delight. A bubble of sleep deprived love that is so wonderful. I am blessed and I know it. 

I was sent a lot of cards to celebrate the birth of Tabitha Joy and I have kept them all. Each precious in their warm wishes and love for a new life in the world. 

I wanted to share the gifts and words that my friend from college, Emma, sent to me. Her words are another blessing, treasures that can't be bought, but something that will always be kept.

"Then you came" was written for her birth and "A Silver Spoon" was written for her birthday.