Saturday, 7 June 2014

Friends and family are my inspiration

Friends and family really are my inspiration. It is when I create work for people that I know, I feel that images just come to me. It makes me want to do my best work too, so that they know how special they are.

I try to put the same energy into every card I do as it's really important to me that a card 'sings' and has the right energy. 

Below are the stages of development of a card for my friends who have just had a baby girl. 

It all starts pretty basic, just getting some colours down. My friend has a thing for orange and turquoise though so I knew I wanted those as foundation colours.

I made some tiny fairy stamps to represent the new baby and played around a little bit with the placement of different stamps.

Things are starting to take shape at this stage, but with the new baby called Flora, I simply had to add more flowers!


  1. Oh Jacs this is exquisite, very special indeed. How wonderful to be able to make your own Fairy stamps, am in awe!

    Hope Flora's Mum frames this and gives it to Flora when she is old enough to understand how special her keepsake is.

    Thank you for your comment, will look on your blog to see if i can find your email addy. Very kind of you:-) xxx

    1. Hi Mass, thought there was an contact somewhere but if not you can use, Xxx