Friday, 13 June 2014

Random acts of kindness

So I was enjoying my large cappuccino and munching on a particularly buttery flap jack at the Cafe Dog and Rabbit last Thursday. Some Latin music was playing and I jigged around trying to entertain Tabitha whilst reading the notice board with posters for shamanic healing and art exhibitions.

I then spied a lone bit of paper with the words "practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty" and some info on how Anne Herbert had written those words on a napkin in a cafe in San Francisco. The words stuck with me long after I had finished my drink and whooshed my baby off on her next adventure.

Just the mention  of San Francisco is enough to get me reminiscing about my honeymoon in California and the one evening we spent in San Fransisco riding the cable cars and watching fireworks light up the sky as it was the Fourth of July. Our stay was brief as we were lucky enough to get a last minute camping pitch in Yosemite and a night under ancient redwoods and the promise of bears called us onward.

I would love to go back though and explore streets lined with beautiful pastel coloured houses and have a whiskey in a bar where Keroac used to go. I have a soft spot for the hippie movement that was so strong there and the words of Anne Herbert seem to sum up some of that spirit.

Happily dreaming I wondered what I could do that would be considered a random act of kindness. There is a website Random acts of kindness that has lots of ideas and resources. It's great to think about how doing something simple, like writing a letter can have such a positive impact on someone.

Well, after my giveaway last week, the idea of giving away something as my act of kindness twirled around in my head for a while. I remembered my box of handmade flower brooches and also the felt flowers I made for dogs (!) that had been tucked away and decided to release them into the world.

I put some on the tables at the Cafe Dog and Rabbit yesterday and some at Archie's in Penzance earlier today. It felt a little odd, (I asked the staff and explained first) but it was also quite exciting! I like the thought that someone will read my little note and feel a bit special for a while. Maybe it will inspire them to research random acts of kindness and start practicing their own.

There is a world kindness day later this year on November 13th and a whole week dedicated to random acts of kindness next year Feb 9-15th.

I think that I am going to have to send some of my cards out.

What about you? Any ideas?


  1. I little dickie bird told me today how much it had inspired people at the dog n rabbit and how they loved the energy that you had created there xx

  2. Oh that's lovely to hear! Thank you so much for letting me know! Glad that people got something out of it. Xxx

  3. Love this. My cynical self is sad that we have to even think about and label the act as human beings but it is needed and brings joy and perspective - lyndsay xx

    1. Hey Lyndsay I know what you mean. It's like we have lost touch with how we are truly supposed to be. It's lovely to do something unexpected though as it makes people remember the world is a bit more magical and a bit 'freer' than generally thought. I am guilty of it too. It's so easy to get stuck in the same patterns. I guess we are all a work in progress!

  4. Such a great idea Jacs, Urban Threads have a free sewing pattern you can download especially for this purpose, it is a gorgeous little rabbit. i am sure Tabitha would love one also.

    Couldn't find your email to send my details so here is my email addy so you can send me yours.

    I enjoy RAK very much and try to do them often:-) xxx

  5. Hi Mass, the pattern sounds great! I am going to have to check it out. I really want to make some doll/toys for Tabitha. I've been looking on Pinterest and Etsy and getting very excited! I shall email you dreckly. X