Sunday, 20 April 2014

Let me introduce myself....

Well, hi, for starters. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog out of the millions out there. I think that is what has put me off starting a blog before, the thought that I would be lost in an ocean of  words and internetery. But no, if you are reading this then that is not the case!

Anyway I want to share with you my love of beautiful things. I have a passion for glitter, colour and positive thinking.

I have painted and made things since I was a little girl. I remember getting little kits to make soft and furry toys with and the pleasure of assembling the different parts. I loved those silver scratchy type pictures (what were they called?) and I will never forget a rose picture made by pinning hundreds of sequins onto lush black velvet.  Sequins are still a big love of mine!

I like to be busy and productive and there is nothing like the buzz of completing a project and other people enjoying your work.

I am currently at the beginning of two very big projects in my life. One is looking after my ten month old baby girl and the other is my handmade card business. I have sold my handmade cards to shops for years, but I want to take the quality up a notch and make something really special that people will want to keep and frame.

I have strong environmental concerns and I am researching recycled products at the moment to make the process as 'light' as possible. After all, a lot of my images are fairy based and I don't want my fairies having a heavy carbon footprint. That would be so wrong.

If anyone can point me in the right direction for good retailers of recycled card or ways of working that are less wasteful then that would be great!


  1. Welcome to Blogland Jac, looking forward to seeing your Fairy Friends and more posts from you:-) xxx

  2. Thanks mass! Nice to meet you. X

  3. Hi Jac - using sustainable products is worth researching so I'll be interested in what you uncover. Other than that, yes, a huge welcome to blogland. There's no hiding place ... the strangest of writers/crafters will unearth you ... such as me!

    Seriously, enjoy your creativity and writing. Waving to your sweet baby girl.

  4. Hi Shirley, nice to meet you. So far in terms of eco stuff I am using the brown kraft cards. I really like them as they feel really substantial, I just hope they don't put people off that are used to the traditional white or cream. I am using tissue paper as an alternative to cello bags as transparency doesn't matter online and I think that has to be a bit greener.... It's also important that I don't waste anything so I am trying to incorporate as much offcuts as possible. It's always a learning curve, but I think it's important to try. Xxx