Monday, 21 April 2014

Handmade fairy cards

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Here are some card designs that I am working on. Although I am slowly being seduced by Tim Holtz and his distress inks, I have used acrylics as a base because this is the medium I have in the house! 
I simply squeezed a few colours onto a tray and sponged them onto acrylic paper. I like working quickly, especially in the early stages of a project and also because I tend to only get half an hour in the evening when my baby is in bed!

In my spare moments I have been making my own stamps out of the pink block stuff so that I have got a few images that I can quickly apply to build up a picture. It was really important to me to be able to make my own stamps so that I had more control over the image and also more ownership.

People make amazing images using commercial stamps, but somehow for me I don't feel that is enough as I want to be able to sell these.



  1. Great textures and colours in your ArT, love your cards they are cute:-) x

    May i ask you to remove word verification please. It is a pain, you can use comment moderation instead and still have the control you need over any comments you don't want to publish. Thank you :-)

  2. Yep, changed it. Hope that's sorted now x