Saturday, 14 February 2015

The business of love

It's time for Valentine's and as a card maker you would think this would be a great opportunity to shout about my work and get lots made.


Truth is, I only managed to get four cards done in time and when I say 'in time' I mean this week and that's not really enough time for anyone to order one! 

At the moment I am sitting with my little girl on my lap. She's asleep (phew!) but while this gives me a while to write it doesn't give me the opportunity to create.

I recently joined a website called All by Mama, which is basically an Etsy for mums and I was asked to include a 'tip' for other mums.

I wrote my advice a little smugly, feeling like I had achieved something: "I think my best advice is to simply get on and do it! It's surprising how little bits of work can add up to something quite big. I think if you are passionate about your work then you will find a way."

And now I read it and go 'yes!' that's right, but I have been so busy just getting on and doing it that I didn't really plan ahead.

My new advice to me is to get a calendar and write down all the events of the year from Mothers Day up to Xmas and then plan backwards! 

Perhaps if I can sort that out then the rest will fall into place. 

Who knows? 

Being a time scarce mum has pushed me to be creative with any moments that I can squeeze in some creativity, but that doesn't come free of baggage. It comes accompanied with thoughts of 'shouldn't I be playing with her right now, or I shouldn't I be doing....' And I have to reassure myself that it's okay, I can do something I love, that and  the fact Tabitha needs to have her own space as much as I need mine.

And so I carry on. I might not be a perfectly organised but I am living a life full of love and that's something to be happy about. 


  1. You are living YOUR life as it works best for YOU! How can anything be better...

    Start for next year now, check on trends if you follow them and enjoy the ride Jacs.

    Breathe... and create, you both need space use yours to make you happy and you won't go wrong:-) xxx

  2. Thanks Mass, that's good advice. Lovely to hear from you as always! Hope you have a great week xxx 💖💖💖