Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Setting intentions

I was scrolling through my images on my iPad the other day and the amount of work that I had done really struck me! Everything was there, from my first logo attempts to my first batch of cards, right through to my most recent work.

It's almost been a year of exploration and learning and I'm happy to see that things are moving in the right direction. I have been very fortunate to make some amazing connections with people and this has helped to grow my confidence.

Positive feedback and some regular sales have enabled and inspired me to keep trying new things. Some things haven't worked for me, but lots have! 

I have REALLY listened to as much advice as possible. You wouldn't believe the amount of webinars and podcasts I have listened to! The Thriving Artist Summit has been really awesome for art specific help, but I have also watched loads of mindset stuff by Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein and Marie Forleo. 

I think you have to have a good mindset when you are an artist. It's too easy to start worrying about your art rather than enjoying it. I feel quite lucky that I love being creative and being a mum makes my desire for creativity even stronger.

So! What do I have planned for this year? Well it's a good question! There's part of me that is really pushy:wanting to find new galleries, organise an exhibition, generate press, do craft fairs, but.....

This year I'm also going to California to train as a yoga for surfers instructor.... Yoga for surfers teacher training

I need to study, practice and set up a business that I will just be able to press GO on, when I get back home in November.

At the moment my head feels a bit all over the place! I feel like a bit of a split personality, but I think that's because it all feels like it's floating in the future. I think I just need to take control of the now and the future will take care of itself.

This year I have also started Life Book, which is a year long art course. It also involves a healing/spiritual angle, which is great as that is what art is about for me. 

The picture is my response to the first lesson and sets my intention for the year to be fearless. It's a great reminder for me to stay strong when I feel the wobble and to have faith that everything is going to work out.

What do you have planned for this year? I hope that it is happy and productive, whatever you decide.


  1. Long time no read and a Happy, Healthy and Memorable 2015 to you!!!

    Sounds like an exciting year ahead, no NYR but my word for 2015 is BREATHE...

    Looking forward to seeing your LB pages and more:-) xxx

  2. Hi Mass, lovely to hear from you. Hope you are happy and well! Breathe is a great word to focus on - it instantly makes you connect!

    Yep, it's been a while since my last post! Sometimes it's just one thing too many, but I'm going to stick with! Best wishes and fairy kisses xxx Jacs xxx