Saturday, 13 September 2014

Personalised Christmas Gifts

It's a bit weird thinking about Christmas when the summer's warmth is still lingering and autumn has only started to touch the trees.
But I wanted to show you some of my new framed pictures.

These are available to buy at The Roundhouse and Capstan Gallery in Sennen. the Roundhouse and Capstan Gallery

However, if you would like something custom made for you or a friend, then this is the perfect time to get in touch to avoid disappointment!

These pictures cost £35 and the frame measures 5"x7". (I will be making larger ones soon!)
Please get in touch to discuss! The more info you give me about the recipient, the more I can tailor it and make it extra special.
Best wishes and fairy kisses xxxx


  1. Beautiful Framed Art, so bright and beautiful. Glad you are gearing up for Christmas, hope the orders start rolling in soon!

    Couldn't find a link to the Galleries or your online shop, might be good to add them.

    Beautiful work as always Jacs:-) xxx

  2. ooh thanks Mass! Great suggestions! How are you getting on with your preparations? There really is so much to do! And then there are the presents for family! Oh my!