Thursday, 10 July 2014

A mermaids tail

Making a mermaids tail has been an exciting project for me. Did I really have time to do it? No! But I couldn't let that stop me. The thought of making a wearable piece of fantasy art was just too tempting.

The tail is for a calendar to raise money for Jubilee Pool in Penzance that got damaged by all the storms over the winter. It's much loved by locals and deserves to continue to be an iconic facility.

Once I had made my mind up I had a quick trawl on ebay to see what I could use and ended up buying a white pair of jogging bottoms, a pack of doilies and a mish mash of crochet table mats. 

I cut the doilies in half and sewed them onto the jogging bottoms. I did most of the work in the car so that Tabitha wouldn't start pulling at it and hurt herself on pins. I simply layered it up, started at the bottom and worked round and round till I used up my pack.

I was pretty happy when the crochet arrived as I needed it to cover up the top half. The amount I had was perfect for filling in the gap.

I used some distress inks and some glitter to add a bit more layering to it. I thought that it was looking a bit too bridal! Lovely though! Made me think of my wedding dress! 
The fins were made from a pair of swim fins that I then wrapped in white gaffa tape and layered with more doilies, a bit of lace and some shells.

I didn't want to wear a bikini top, so I bought a little lace camisole that I will be able to wear again.

It's going to be interesting to see what it looks like altogether. 



  1. OMGoodness Jac, this is amazing, so creative and it really does look like a mermaids tail. Hope we get to see you in costume, that would be fantastic.

    Love how you created this, awesome doesn't cover it! :-) xxx

  2. Cheers Mass! That's made my day! I shall definitely post photos when I get them. The photographer, Luke Brown, is really talented, so I'm hoping he's going to make me look good. Hope you got your reading okay x